Race Recap – Pettit Indoor Marathon Relay 2018

My first official race of 2018 is in the books. This year the trend seems to be that if I sign up for an out-of-state relay there will inevitably be an epic snow the night before (thereby making my question my sanity for committing to such a thing in the first place). Luckily, the roads fairly clear by the time I started my hike up to Milwaukee so the travel didn’t end up being nearly as bad as I anticipated.

Unlike the Huff 50k relay that I did about a month ago, this relay was “indoors” (I use the quotes because even though you run around an indoor track, it is inside an ice rink so it is still really cold). This is also the race where I was first introduced to the Oiselle team back in 2016 (and resulted in my promptly joining right after). Running with a team is such an amazing experience and one of the things that I miss most about my high school cross country and track days. Running with Oiselle has allowed me to become part of a community of supportive women who just want to get out there, run hard, and have fun.

The track is 445 meters (which is slightly larger than a standard track). Our relay consisted of 4 ladies, so we each ran 12×890 meters. The air is extremely dry so everyone ends up with “track hack” or “Pettit lung” after the first set (which only gets worse as the day goes on). One of the best tips to combat this was to drink warm water or warm Nuun (which incidentally is absolutely delicious and something I never would have thought of doing!) Since I have concentrated primarily on the marathon since my return to running in 2011, I have concentrated much more on mileage than speed (and most of my workouts are on a treadmill – not a track). This type of event is completely out of my current comfort zone – which is all the more reason I am so excited to have done it.

My splits ended up being quicker than I expected, so hopefully that’s a sign that I am finally getting my body back in working order. I was nervous after the first go-round that I was going to end up tanking, but I managed to stay fairly consistent the whole time (another good sign). I was also happy that my times were on average about 30 seconds faster per split than they were back in 2016 (post-surgery, pre-baby). I’m not sure what the basis of comparison is but all I know is that it has been a long time since I’ve seen any type of numbers get faster.

All in all – another really fun experience with the Oiselle Volee!

Splits – minus one set where my Garmin cut out for 20 seconds