From Preparing for the Marathon to Preparing for Baby

In my mind, fall is inextricably linked with marathon training. This is usually the time of year where all of the summer miles start paying dividends and my body starts feeling more prepared for the challenge ahead. This year is different (but somewhat the same in a strange way). Obviously, there will be no fall marathon this year (especially given the fact that my originally-planned fall marathon is the same week as my due date)! As summer comes to a close I am getting slower, not faster. However, throughout this pregnancy I have realized that many of my marathon training habits have now been converted into preparing for baby habits.

For example…

This time last year I was frantically searching online for the perfect marathon outfit (because isn’t preemptively rewarding yourself with new clothes the best part of making it through a training cycle?!?) For me, this means online shopping, over ordering, receiving an embarrassing number of packages, returning things that don’t fit, finding something I like better, and ordering again. I now have fallen into the same pattern looking for a dress to wear to my baby shower (I have already ordered four and have another four pending in my cart).

sports-1050966__340Instead of making a list of what I need to pack in my pre-race bag, I am making a list of all of the things I need to make sure to have in my hospital bag.

Instead of joining my running club for a long training run tomorrow, I will be attending the hospital’s 9-hour  training-for-baby marathon session.

Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathon Training has been replaced by What to Expect When Your Expecting. I still find myself reading along and wondering if I am ever going to be    prepared enough.

My body has changed since “training” has started. I am hungry all the time because of this. It also starts doing weir
d stuff (enough said). Things that used to seem so gross no longer are.

My countdown is no longer to race day, but to my due date. Like training for a marathopregnant-163611__340n, my body has been asked to go into overdrive to prepare itself for the big event.

Similarly, both events will also culminate by pushing through pain and coming out of it having achieved something that previously seemed unimaginable.