Weekend Recap – Finding a Running Club and Home Projects

Chicago weather was especially confusing this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday were in the upper 80s and mid 90s. I made it a point to do my long run on Friday morning because I wasn’t sure what the heat would allow me to do as the weekend progressed (overheating during a run is one of my doctor’s main points of caution for running during pregnancy). For the last two weeks I have worked from home on Friday mornings due to office maintenance issues, which has provided me extra time in the mornings that I have been sure to take full advantage of (since I haven’t had to worry about getting ready and driving to the office).

My run on Friday morning ended up going surprising well. I went early while the temperatures were perfect and my legs *finally* felt like they had a little more spring in them. Most runs lately have taken quite a while to get into a good groove, so feeling fairly good from the get-go was a welcome surprise! Since I was working from home, I was also able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather for a while (setting up a remote work station on our deck). Major bonus.

However, my real accomplishment this weekend was getting out of my comfort zone and joining a local running club for a run on Saturday morning. I am a creature of habit and am easily intimidated by the unfamiliar (hence, living here almost a year and not having found a group to run with). Add in my lack of confidence due to the unpredictably (and increasing slowness) that comes with pregnancy and I found just about every reason to stick close to home and run solo. However, after my run on Friday I decided I could not run one more cul-de-sac in my subdivision without losing my mind, which finally gave me the courage I needed to be proactive and find a group (I just reminded myself that the first time in a new group is always the hardest). The run itself was nice. It was at a trail near my home, which provided much needed shade for the extremely humid morning. It was also great finally having others to keep me company!

Why do I feel like he’s telling me to just go out and run?

Unfortunately, we did not get to enjoy our pool on Friday or Saturday even though it was pool-perfect weather. We made the mistake of leaving the solar cover on too long and had an algae outbreak (lesson learned). Needless to say, I was not a happy camper on Saturday when the temps were in the mid 90s and I was stuck on the deck staring at green water. Naturally, everything was back in working order on Sunday (except for Mother Nature, who apparently was okay with 68 degrees and wind). We are approaching mid-June and I still have not been able to enjoy the pool! Here’s hoping we have some nice weekends coming up! However, the crappy weather did give us the chance to engage in some home projects (Mike – painting the baby’s room, Me – changing out the contact paper in the kitchen cabinets). When did we get so old?!? The contact paper project is going to take far longer than I originally anticipated because I can only do a cabinet or two at a time before I start going crazy. I am not crafty and I am not patient so as soon as the paper starts sticking together I get really annoyed and have to take a break. I am currently about half done and plan on doing one cabinet a day until I am finished (so hopefully by the weekend)!


How many miles did you run this weekend? Do you run alone or with a group? What do you do to get out of your comfort zone?