Another Whole 30 Fail

I am a perpetual Whole 30 drop-out. However, this round I managed to stick to a Whole 30 for 17 days (which was a remarkable improvement from my previous 3-4 day stints). The worst part was I really did feel better cutting out the processed food. (I say worst part because it affirmed that there clearly is something in my normal eating habits that bothers me).

Hiking in San Diego – not a bad view!

If it wasn’t for our trip to San Diego, I think I would have been able to complete the challenge. In fact, I was actually starting to enjoy eating clean and it was becoming easier. I even found myself starting to crave healthier food (which is very unusual for me, as ice cream is my general go-to). I even did well on the first day of the trip – staying completely compliant at the airport and at the first restaurant that we ate at upon arrival. But then I started feeling like I was missing out…

I don’t get to go on vacation too often (once every few years if I’m lucky) and I started to feel FOMO (fear of missing out) as the trip went on. Some meals are easy. Breakfast, for instance, is incredibly simple to stay Whole 30 complaint without completely going off-menu (so long as you can handle eating more eggs). But after about a day and a half I finally gave in…

Hands down some of the best coffee I have ever had

When someone is excited to show you their favorite restaurant, take you to their favorite coffee shop, and treat you to their favorite gelato place – it’s hard to turn down. Plus, sometimes food is interwoven with experience. I was lucky in that San Diego is an incredibly healthy city, so my “indulgences” weren’t really all that bad. I had an acai bowl for the first time (basically a smoothie in a bowl, topped with fruit and granola). I had amazing, fresh fish tacos and lots of tasty treats at the Farmer’s Market. I tried a lot of things that I ordinarily wouldn’t be exposed to back here in the midwest.

From the 17 days that I stuck with it, I learned a lot about myself and my relationship with food. Unfortunately, once I arrived back home I slipped right back into a lot of my old habits (read: not good). I am eager to try it again – because for once I didn’t have any GI issues and I felt more energized that I have in months. The problem is, there is always an excuse to delay (a party, a baby shower, a wedding) and I find myself always saying “tomorrow.”

I am going to pick a new start date and give it another go. While I am disappointed I didn’t complete the challenge – there is no shame in “failing.” Because if I felt that good after 17 days, who knows what I will feel like after completing the full 30? I also need to identify my food triggers. After having severe stomach aches all days yesterday I know that there is clearly something in my diet that my body is not tolerating and my autoimmune symptoms are on overdrive.

I already have a food processor in my Amazon shopping cart – what better time to break it in?