Learning to Fly – Joining Oiselle Volee

This last week I made a big decision. I decided to sign up for the Oiselle Volee team.

I only started wearing Oiselle about a year ago when a friend started raving about their gear. Always a sucker for cute running apparel, I quickly started adding their pieces to my running collection. However, other than wearing their clothes I had never really paid much attention to the”team” component of the whole thing.

That all changed earlier this year when I was invited to fill-in on an indoor marathon relay team (you can read more about that event here). While I was nervous going in (especially as an outsider) I was immediately taken aback at how inclusive and welcoming everyone there was. The women that I met seemed genuinely supportive of one another (which was particularly refreshing given how increasingly uncommon this sentiment seems to be). The day was full of fun and positivity (not to mention a few awards) and the event really piqued my interest as to how to become more involved.

So last week when the e-mail went out that the team was accepting new members, I figured what the heck (well, what the heck after debating the registration fee- I have been trying to be more frugal with my money lately but at the end of the day I decided it was worth it). Even though due to my forced time off I have only been running easy distance on my own – the virtual community alone was enough to draw me in. I am fortunate enough to also be a member of the Dick Pond Racing Team (even though embarrassingly, due to so much time off I have not been very involved recently) and I understand the importance of teammates and camaraderie. Having recently run nearly every run alone, things have been getting pretty lonely. With Oiselle, I have already been able to virtually connect with a number of ladies both locally and across the country. Pretty cool. I’m excited to see what this new adventure brings.