Hello I’m Laura! Here’s a little background about EndureRunConquer:

Running History.  I am a former middle school and high school runner, who took a long break during college and returned to the sport following my graduation from law school. My return to running was prompted by registering for the Chicago Marathon in 2011 as a “bucket list” item but I quickly rediscovered my passion for the athletic lifestyle. Once I was hit by the marathon bug there was no turning back. I ran another marathon in 2012 (Chicago) and two more in 2013 (Schaumburg and Chicago).

In 2014 I had hip surgery, which required me to take a long break from running but allowed me to take up other activities such as cycling. Dealing with (and overcoming) injury has contributed a lot to who I am as a runner. In 2015 I was finally able to return to running (and marathon training) and ran part of the Chicago Marathon and the Madison Marathon. I also started CrossFit. In 2016 I am welcoming a whole new set of challenges as I continue to run through my first pregnancy (baby due 11/09/16)!

Goals.  Because of my surgery, I was unable to actually run in the Boston Marathon in 2015. I would love to re-qualify and finally get my chance to toe the line. I would also love to do a full Ironman (despite the fact that I need to learn how to swim)!

I am also pursuing my RRCA certification and look forward to becoming a certified running coach. I have had so many great athletes help me along the way and I can’t wait to help others reach their goals!

My Philosophy.  I love training because I love being on a schedule. I have realized that I thrive when I am busy (my first marathon was completed the year I graduated from law school, studied for (and passed) the bar exam, started a new job, and planned my wedding. I love organized chaos.

Aside from running I am passionate about fitness and nutrition. However, my greatest weakness is my sweet tooth. I have found the trick to living a healthy lifestyle is less about the restrictions and more about creating and maintaining good habits.

My Life Outside of Running Shoes.  I have been married for almost five years to my “immediate post-high school sweetheart” Mike (who although we actually went to the same high school I actually met while waiting tables at TGI Fridays). We have been together since 2004 and are expecting our first child (baby girl) this fall.

Speaking of fall, fall is my favorite season. For me, it has always symbolized new beginnings rather than the conclusion of the year. Fall also brings college football (On Wisconsin! Go Irish!), pumpkin spice lattes, perfect running weather, and changing leaves. What’s not to love?!?

Why Blog?  I started this blog because of my love for writing (and to give my family and friends a break from my running banter). I have found that there have been many points in time where a lesson learned through running has closely paralleled a lesson learned in my daily life. I was really encouraged to write more when I battled injury in 2014 and spent a lot of time reading about other people’s experiences. I hope to use this blog as a platform to share those experiences with others and to learn more about this wonderful running community.